Accreditation for your school

Awards that support and accredit schools for outstanding non-curricular provision.

We offer a growing range of non-curricular awards for schools.

Relevant to all schools and educational settings from early years to post-16, our awards allow you to demonstrate your work towards sustainable school improvement. All schools and educational settings from early years to post-16 are eligible to achieve an award.

A school first undertakes a self-evaluation in order to determine its starting point. Any existing elements of good practice will count towards accreditation. Participants will then use the award framework to improve and embed their practice. Schools have told us that they value being recognised for their achievements, and that self-evaluation of existing practice can be a powerful tool.

Our Awards

Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Awards

Evaluate and recognise the valuable and increasingly complex role of teaching assistants in pupil achievement.

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Leading Parent Partnership Award

Implement strategies to engage all parents in supporting their child’s learning and development.

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SEND lnclusion Award

Establish the strengths and weaknesses of your provision, and prioritise areas for further improving the outcomes of pupils with SEND.

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Wellbeing Award for Schools

Foster a culture of social, emotional and mental health wellbeing throughout your school.

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Access the awards

Access our awards via AwardPlace, our online platform. Log in to your account for an e-portfolio and complete guidance to your chosen awards. You can access the award materials through AwardPlace or a paper-based alternative.