Careers education support

Optimus Education is a part of the Prospects Group, and through Prospects we offer the following careers education training, support and consultancy services.

We offer two qualifications relevant to the requirements of staff involved in the delivery of CEIAG in schools and colleges.

The Level 4 Diploma in Career Information & Advice 

Suitable either for those who are in the early stages of their CEIAG roles or for those who provide a ‘first-line’ response and diagnostic support to students with career-related needs for information and advice. This provides a good platform from which to progress to the Level 6 Diploma.

The Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance & Development

Suitable for those whose roles cover the full range of CEIAG activities, including the coordination of careers education programmes. This is recognised by the Career Development Institute as the minimum requirement for entry to the UK Register of Career Development Professionals.

Delivery of these qualifications is through a flexible programme of skills and knowledge workshops, online tutorials and assessment.

The benefits

Developing expertise

CEIAG staff will develop the skills. knowledge and competence to support students in career decision-making. 

Student destinations

Students will be effectively prepared to make the transition from school to further and higher education, training and employment. 

Statutory requirements

The Level 6 Diploma is essential to meet the requirements of the CEIAG Quality in Careers Standard.

Not sure which option is right for you and your school?

We offer a telephone advice service to those who wish to discuss their specific requirements to decide which qualifications to take.