I am Resilient programme

A 360° wraparound programme offering school leaders, mentors and service users the skills to build resilience, I am Resilient is aimed at supporting people with low levels of resilience in one or more of the following areas:

- lifestyle
- self
- future
- relationships.

The programme’s tailored approach provides training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation for individuals, groups and staff. I am Resilient also includes a customisable app to support young people in becoming resilient and training for key staff, parents and professionals.

The benefits

The Resilience App

Advice and information tool responsive to young people’s needs, meeting their requirement of ease of access through mobile technology and self assessment.


Group mentoring session plans covering prevalent issues and one-to-one mentoring for key staff providing ongoing assistance.

Professional development

Professional development training for companies, schools and multi-academy trusts in resilience leadership and management.