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What's included

  • An audit of assessment, provision and commissioning outcomes for all COP classified needs and inter-agency provision.
  • A profile of need (met and unmet) mapped against the local offer.
  • A survey of experiences and perceptions of key LA partners including parents/carers.
  • A gap analysis and costed recommendations and solutions.
  • A paper recommending  improvements to the Local Offer and ways in which costs can be reduced in the medium term and outcomes improved.


  • Your local authority has a strong evidence base upon which to further develop your 'local offer' for young people with SEND.
  • Our evaluation enables improvements in processes that deliver assessment,  quality assurance of provision  and commissioning of services for vulnerable pupils.
  • User feedback leads to the re-design of Children's services where this is needed and agreed  so that parents and carers can experience the quality of service that makes them fully partners in the education of their child.


  • A map of the distribution of pupil needs across schools within the geographical boundary of your local authority and of gaps in provision.
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of assessment, provision and commissioning for the full spectrum  of SEND as set out in the COP.
  • Access to critical findings from the user survey that form a basis to improve the 'local offer'.
  • An improved draft local offer for consultation and further development.