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What's included

  • Trends analysis of your pupil needs data (EHCs and Statements).
  • Review of the effectiveness of your High Needs Block allocations.
  • An efficiency and outcomes analysis of your Children's Services and school-based enhanced provision and out-Council pupil placements.
  • A paper that matches your pupil needs, with provision, costs and education and care outcomes with recommendations for cost savings. 


  • Officers and members, are in a good position to construct a new strategic agenda  to deliver better outcomes from a reducing resourcing envelope.
  • The local authority is able to evaluate options to deliver improvements in service provision and or costs savings in the medium term.


  • Your local authority will have a credible set of data and evidence to evaluate, with a view to improving patterns of provision, structures, working practice, use of resources and strategic outcomes.
  • You will have a set of initial options that will including achieving savings in the medium term and improvements in the pattern of local provision or in the commissioning of services for the vulnerable young people in your care.