Knowledge Centre

Trusted guidance, policies, resources and templates for senior, middle and business leaders. Access anytime, anywhere.

Put policy into practice with the Knowledge Centre resource library. It includes:

Model policies

Download these model policies, quality assured by education lawyers Browne Jacobson, to ensure you meet statutory requirements and have consistent procedures in place.


Get valuable information and food for thought from experts on topical issues. Tune in from your desk or home, download the presentation, listen live or catch up when convenient.

Checklists and planners

Use our SBM monthly checklists, Ofsted inspection checklists and role-specific year planners to make sure you’ve got key responsibilities covered.


Keep up-to-date on best practice and policy changes. With new guidance, case studies or resources published every week, be confident in carrying out your leadership role.

‘The Optimus Knowledge Centre has saved us so much time and helped us ensure that our knowledge and policies are current and meet all required standards’

Shelley Heseltine, Assistant Principal
The Academy at Shotton Hall
The benefits

Role-specific topics

With sections on leadership, governance, school business management, teaching and learning, SEN and safeguarding, there’s something for everyone on your leadership team.


Access resources from your phone, tablet or computer. Download and adapt time-saving documents. Listen to a podcast, browse articles or search specific topics.

Join the network

Stay up-to-date with weekly email alerts, get guidance from expert practitioners and find out how other schools are tackling challenges in our case study series.

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In-House Training

Skill up your staff with ready-made courses for training sessions or self-study. Access dozens of training courses, devised by expert practitioners and suitable for use in group Inset sessions or as part of a self-development programme.

3 steps for our In-House Training


What’s your training need? Are you training others or studying on your own? Browse course themes and choose from topical briefings, units or in-depth courses.


Each course comes with trainer notes, handouts and presentation. Adapt the materials to suit your context, or work through steps independently.


Complete end of unit reviews to reflect on key learning and plan next steps. Request a certificate to add to your CPD portfolio and use as evidence of your progress.

‘The online training resources are excellent and support staff with achieving appraisal targets and delivering departmental professional development’

Virginia Farmery, Assistant Head
The Prescot School, The Heath Multi Academy Trust
Access 40+ ready-made training courses now


A ready-made curriculum that gives you the freedom to be both creative and thematic in its delivery. Prospectus provides schools with long, medium and short term planning in the form of 31 theme overviews, session planners and individual lesson plans, enabling teachers to spend their time focusing on personalising the learning for their own pupils.

‘We are a small school with a limited budget. To find in Prospectus, such an exciting thematic curriculum at an affordable price, which works with mixed age groups, is more than we could have hoped for’

Newbold and Treddington Primary School
The benefits

Time saving

Prospectus aims to give teachers back the time to do what they do best - teach, to ensure the ultimate impact on pupils in order to raise attainment levels.

For you, by you

Created by real teachers in real schools which have been ‘hand-picked’ as schools that have an ‘Ofsted-approved’ reputation of providing an outstanding, rich and innovative curriculum.

Encourages parental engagement

With a dedicated range of homework tasks available, pupils can tailor their own learning programme and undertake appealing tasks with their families.

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